Names In Stone

You once looked like heaven,
And words you spoke beckoned me to Elysium.
But your body is buried now,
And you lay in pine below the earth,
Writhing with worms in your rot,
Your scent damns me to Hades’ hell.

The crimson sun paints the world as hell,
Red light descending from heaven.
Day turns to night making a spectacle of rot,
The receding sun as far away as Elysium.
Night time sees shadows cast across the earth,
The moon shines dark now.

I’m looking at your grave now,
Feeling you return the gaze from hell.
I kneel in front of your stone in the earth,
The stars watch lazily from heaven.
On the wind I begin to smell the flowers of Elysium,
In front of your tombstone are roses and rot.

Sometimes I wish I could also rot,
In fact I wish it now,
The want to walk along the river near Elysium,
With you it won’t feel like hell.
I lament you being lifted up to heaven, Leaving me stranded here on earth.

After hours my knees leave the cold earth,
And I walk away to stave off the rot.
I glance up towards heaven,
The moon is bright now.
Behind me lies memories and hell,
And I have no map to Elysium.

The paradise plains of Elysium,
Can outlast the grasses of earth,
Or become ash before the flames of hell.
Memories may one day fade and rot,
Or continue to fester as they do now,
But never rise to heaven.

I know not if it’s hell where you rot
Or if Elysium is what you call home now,
Only that when you passed, earth lost it’s heaven.

Names In Stone