Puzzle Pieces and Pendulums

Puzzle pieces and pendulums.

Where do I go?

Where do I fall?

Kaleidoscope eyes set motion to my pendulum mind,

At each crest I’d look ’round for the part that could fill the space in my puzzle piece heart.

Finding naught I would trough, my swing slowly ceasing

And my head was hung low, feeling unwhole completely.

There I would stay until my mind began to sway,

It would feel like it changed but my path stays the same

With the highs and the lows both taking place.

Yet even the best moments somehow took a part

Out of my fractured puzzle piece heart.

Maybe there’s a piece to complete me,

Or maybe I’m secretly whole.

But until an answer is reached my thoughts will stay stagnant and I’ll tear myself apart,

Such is the life of one with a pendulum mind and puzzle piece heart.

Puzzle Pieces and Pendulums

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