The Songbird

I was once in the sky,
Soaring just below the clouds
The wind would whip at my face and the Sun was alive in my Eyes.

I once flew,
Proving my strength against the Earth’s
My willpower enough to defy what makes life possible.
For a while I could ignore Gravity.

I once landed,
For one can only fight off the Earth for so long
I fell to rest my weary Wings. I haven’t flapped them since.

I now walk,
My dulled Eyes cast lustfully towards the clouds
Flying through golden memories before my dreams crash into the
Ground, as I did.

I hear a Songbird,
Although gentle, it harmonizes perfectly with the Earth
I turn to see the source of the sound and was blinded by a flash of the Sun.

I now run,
For the Songbird is moving around and around the Earth
I can never quite see it for it always moves higher and higher
towards the Sun.

I now rise,
The Song filling me with strength to rise towards the Clouds
I still couldn’t see the Songbird but as I follow it,
My Eyes are alive in the Sun.

The Songbird

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