The Same Space

I see us in the sky.
I see the moon in your face and the stars in your eyes.
I feel the sun with your touch.
My blood runs hot in my veins and my face starts to flush.
But we are as two stars from the ground.
We may seem so close but you are nowhere around.
Like the moon and the sun.
We share the same sky but our true contact is none.
We reflect each other's light, yes.
But without me you shine yet alone I am sightless.
I see us in the sky.
But I watch from the ground as the hours tick by.
We dance in the stars.
The brightest in the night as if the sky was ours.
But we're like heaven and earth.
You live in the sky while I'm stuck in the dirt.
Heaven and earth.
You're the paradise after the life that came first.
But you stay in the air.
I watch you soar along as if you don't have a care.
But whether my eyes are full of rain or dry,
I see us in the sky.
The Same Space

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